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The Impact of Words (RE:Framed)

Quotes can make a difference on a person’s life, for the better or for worse. This quote from a book impacted me greatly: “After the war, I learned the fate of those who had remained…they were, quite simply, liberated by

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[RE:Framed] Personal Vendettas

Okay so I recently finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo and when I was reading it I was thinking that this guy Edmond is a little crazy. But then again if I was falsely imprisoned for many years by

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[Re:Framed] What would you do???

So in class recently we have been reading the famous story, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas (he has a pretty cool name, just saying). If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it. It is

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I’m Innocent! I Swear I’m Innocent! (RE:Framed)

Sometimes, there are those stories where you read, see, or hear about a person being wrongfully accused of something they didn’t do. Whether it’s a crime, a dirty trick, or something trivial and meaningless, we’ve all seen or experienced something

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[RE:Framed] 80’s Quotes In My Eyes

So I watched a few 80’s movies again recently and there have been a few quotes stuck in my head for the last few weeks, and that’s probably why I chose them as my extra credit quotes for my English

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Cooperation: An Asset Or A…Donkey (RE:Framed)

Alright, so last week, I had to do a project with a friend of mine for one of our classes. We completed the project just fine, and the presentation went successfully. We both contributed a lot to the making of

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Never Give Up, Never Surrender! (RE:Framed)

Okay so in class on Friday our class watched more of the movie “Galaxy Quest.” However, I wasn’t in class the last few days, so I went out and rented it. Now before I go into any further detail about

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