It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn

Ok so I know I usually post about movies and such. Not this time, because I recently read the book Night by Elie Weisel and I didn’t realize how depressing a book could be. I mean this book, I couldn’t read it for more then a few minutes at a time without getting super depressed. And yes I know that I quoted Harvey Dent and an old proverb for my title, but that’s not the point. Honestly the most depressing part of the book for me was when the young pipel was hanged, but because he was so skinny and so light, he was still breathing. He stayed alive for more then half an hour, and when Elie passed by him he heard someone say,

“For God’s sake, where is God?”

and from inside himself he heard,

“Where He is? This is where-hanging here from this gallows…”

At this point he had lost every thing that was once his own. His shoes, his gold crown, his mother, and his sister. And now his religion… sure he still had his father but not for much longer. So I shouldn’t say everything. But in the beginning, he was so enthusiastic to study religion, and to see him lose the thing he held most dear, was heart breaking to say the least. It took many years for they war to end and for the Jewish people to be set free, but it did happen. Eventually.

Ok so apperently I’m supposed say what it was that Elie Bizle was arguing against. But I’m a bit clueless most of the time, so I really don’t know what he was arguing about.

And although it may take a very long time, the dawn will come.

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