[RE:Framed] Personal Vendettas

Okay so I recently finished reading the Count of Monte Cristo and when I was reading it I was thinking that this guy Edmond is a little crazy. But then again if I was falsely imprisoned for many years by the people that I believed had been my friends, I would probably go a little bit crazy too. Anyways, he escapes from prison and finds a huge treasure full of gold and precious stones. And since everyone already thinks he is dead, he basically becomes a completely new person. He then proceeds to orchestrate and carry out with this big and confusing master plan for revenge and to win back his love, Mercedes. He gives a diamond to one man named Caderousse, knowing that he would be greedy and try to keep both the money and the diamond when he went to sell it. Caderousse killed the diamond person and was sent to prison for murder. When he was released he tried to break into the Count of Monte Cristo’s house and was killed in the process. Next is Fernand Mondego, a man who not only was in love with Edmond’s fiance, but actually married her after he was in prison for a year. After he had lost his credibility he went and challenged Monte Cristo to duel, he lost and in the process also lost his honor and not much later his family. After Fernand had lost every thing he offed himself. After that is Villefort. With him, everyone in his family was either killed off or he believed that they were, causing him to just go insane. Finally there is Danglars. Monte Cristo starts by opening an unlimited account with him and then later on withdrawals five million francs from him, leaving him bankrupt and needing to flee town. He then has him captured by Luigi Vampa and nearly starved to death.

Now while I was reading this I couldn’t help but think of one of my favorite TV shows, Arrow.

Arrow is on Wednesdays 8.7c on the CW

The show fallows Oliver Queen, billionaire playboy. Who for five years was stranded on an island in the middle of the pacific with only one goal, survive. When he finally returns home he must fulfill his fathers dying wish, to use the list of names he left him to right his families wrongs and take down the people who are poisoning the city. However, to do this he needs to become someone else. He must become, something else. So he puts on the green hood and uses the abilities he gained to personally put and arrow in every single person on the list and everyone else who has made starling city corrupt, even if he has to go through his own family to do so. With a little help from his body guard Diggle, and his friend Felicity, he is quickly crossing off all of the names on his fathers list.

Talk to you all again next time and try to stay off of peoples lists.

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