CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! – Review Of The Week #2: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

Alright, we’re back with review number 2, and today I’ll be reviewing a game that I finished just a couple of weeks ago. This game was actually a lot better then I expected it to be, and that’s why I decided it would be worth reviewing for the blog. That game is PokéPark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure.

The boxart for the game.

Right off the bat, let me just say that this has got to be the MOST ADORABLE GAME EVER. The Pokémon look great in 3D on the Wii (surprising to hear someone praise Wii graphics, isn’t it?), and all the environments really add to the game. The fact that Pokémon use their anime voices, where they say their name, instead of the digitalized cries, definitely adds to the overall feel as well. The game may be designed for younger audiences, but many longtime Pokémon fans will really appreciate the way many of the Pocket Monsters turned out.

Players play as Pikachu throughout the duration of the game. This may seem like it could get bland, but with upgrades available in the game, these problems are easily overlooked. However, you can take control of Pokémon you have befriended in certain Attractions they are assigned to. But some Pokémon in the game never even appear as a playable character in the Attractions, leaving me to wonder why The Pokémon Company thought it was necessary to add them into the game (especially when there are some legendary Pokémon that never appear in the overworld, yet are playable in Attractions).

Pikachu dashing through the Beach Zone.

The story is actually not that bad, either. It’s intriguing to travel through many of the areas, attempting to befriend as many Pokémon as you can along the way. However, one gripe I have is that some zones get a little spread out and complex where it does become annoying to navigate, but many games have these kind of areas. The worst offender of this is the Lava Zone. There is seriously no direct route through the zone, and you will probably end up returning multiple times for backtracking (if you’re a completionist, like me), making things quite frustrating.

The way Pikachu makes friends is by playing Skill Games with them, which consists of either Chase (tag), Battle (anime style, where it’s not turn based), Hide-and-Seek (self-explanatory), Obstacle Hop (simple platforming for about 5 seconds…not really even necessary…), or a Quiz (with relatively easy questions). There are also “special befriending methods,” which is where my next complaint comes in. In the Lava Zone, the player meets Hitmontop. In order to befriend it, they must use a drill to find gold ore, then carry it to a furnace, make it into a Gold Top, then bring it to Hitmontop. And finding gold ore is pure luck. It took me 30 MINUTES to find some FRIGGIN’ GOLD ORE! (Am I the only one who thinks this is ridiculous!?) I swear, Hitmontop still haunts my dreams…

Hitmontop still haunts my nightmares...

Hitmontop still haunts my nightmares…

But the main feature is the adorable Pokémon that I just can’t stop loving. The game has its flaws (and what game doesn’t), but they aren’t too bad, and despite the fact that it’s a kids game, it definitely kept me entertained, and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on the sequel, PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond.

The game may be for kids, but it’s very enjoyable. Some flaws and a little repetitiveness bring it down, but overall it is a very solid game that’s good if you want to play a quick and easy Pokémon game.

WalruZ’s Rating: 8/10

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