[Re:Framed] What would you do???

So in class recently we have been reading the famous story, The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas (he has a pretty cool name, just saying). If you have never read this book, I highly recommend it. It is one of the very few books that I have read for school that I have actually found to be interesting. But do not watch the movie, it is nothing like the book, at all. The only similarities are that there is a boat and some of the characters have similar names. Anyways, after Dantes had completed his very impressive escape from the Chateau d’If and made his way to the Isle of Monte Cristo. He found a chest full of treasure in a cave on the island. It was divided into three compartments, one was full of shiny gold coins, the second was full of gold ingots, and the last was half full with diamond, pearls, and rubies. There was so much stuff that he could not even pull it out at first. I kind of imagined it to look like this

(This picture is really bugging me, I can not seem to get it to go to the center)

When I read this I thought to my self, “Dang, he just fell into a ton of money” and it reminded me of a movie I had seen called Blank Check.

(This one is annoying me as well)

In the movie, this kid, Preston Waters, obtains a blank, signed, check from an escaped convict after he accidentally ran over his bike while leaving the bank. Later that night, Preston fills in the check for one million dollars (I can not be the only one who thinks of Austin Powers whenever I hear that) and goes to cash it the next day. He then proceeds to go a six day shopping spree. He buys a castle style house, a go cart track, a bounce house, multiple televisions, a limo service, a lot of ice cream, a lot of new clothes, and many other expensive things.

Dantes on the other hand goes to all of the people who cared about him the most before he was imprisoned and tried to help them the best he could. He gave a large diamond to one of his best friends and another about the size of a walnut to the man who used to own the ship that Edmond had once worked on.

Now if I was in either one of there shoes, I think I probably would do things similar to what they both did. I would give money to my family to pay them back since they have taken care of me my entire life. But I would probably by my self a lot of new things as well, like buying my self a brand new Lamborghini (oh what a beautiful day that would be). What ever I didn’t spend I would probably save for collage or if something new came out that I wanted.

So here’s the situation, you find a huge treasure and it’s all for you. What do you do? Go.


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